Palliative Care Services In Mickleham

Supporting you and your family

We recognise that palliative care and the end-of-life phase represent some of the most challenging times for individuals, as well as their families and friends.

We support you and your family with meaningful care for your physical and emotional needs during this important time.
By opting for home-based palliative care, you can select an environment where you feel the utmost comfort, surrounded by the familiarities of your life along with your family. InCare Health Services
offers a team of dedicated professionals who are not only compassionate but also capable of providing the care you require. The right support can significantly enhance the quality of the time you have, whether you need periodic visiting care or continuous live-in assistance while being attended to.

We can work closely with your medical team or Palliative Care team to ensure that our supports are integrated into your overall Palliative Care Plan, and you receive holistic care.

The right people for you

Whatever services you’re receiving, it’s important that you feel you have the right person supporting you.
We gather insights from you regarding the qualities you would prefer in the individual who will be working alongside you, ensuring your involvement in their selection process.

  • Personality matching
  • Cultural understanding
  • Multilingual caregivers
  • Preference for male or female caregivers
  • LGBTI awareness
  • For whatever you need in your home, we can help.

What Is Palliative Care?

Individuals facing terminal illnesses and other severe medical conditions can find significant benefits through palliative care services, which are an integral component of a comprehensive treatment
approach. The dedicated care and support provided by your team can effectively alleviate symptoms, provide relief, manage pain, and help reduce the burden of stress.

The core principle of palliative care revolves around enhancing your quality of life substantially. Palliative care services encompass a range of interventions, such as:

• Provision of medications to control symptoms that are interfering with your quality of life
• Companionship and conversation to help with your emotional needs
• The right support to help you to accept what comes next
• Assistance to make decisions about your condition
• Coordination with your care team
• Physical, spiritual and emotional care needs addressing
• Personal care, including toileting, dressing and bathing
• Continence care
• Pain management support
• General movement assistance around the home, from gentle to hoisted transfer

• Light housekeeping to keep the home comfortable

The Importance of Excellent Palliative Care

Navigating the challenges of palliative care can be an emotional journey for families. This phase is emotionally taxing, and our trained professionals are uniquely equipped to provide a compassionate approach that complements the care from your loved ones. Those trained to offer professional care
for patients nearing the natural end of a terminal illness do so with an unparalleled level of compassion that sets them apart.

InCare Health Services support workers prioritize your comfort and dignity above all else. We view your home care as a partnership, believing that collaboration on your palliative care plan ensures tailored support for all your needs.

It’s you’re deserving right to empathy and significance drives us to sit down with you, ensuring we understand your needs deeply. Crafting a detailed support plan is our expertise, and our specialists work closely with you to refine your care strategy. Recognizing that your requirements might evolve, we commit to revisiting any changes with you and your family as they arise. At InCare Health
Services, we harmonize with your healthcare team to manage your palliative care sensitively and holistically.

Our caregivers are adept at addressing your diverse needs, from complex medical care with specialized equipment to moments when you simply need a hand to hold and a listening ear. Proficient in utilizing life-saving equipment, such as breathing and feeding tubes, we help you make necessary adaptations for enhanced comfort.

The right palliative care encompasses all that contributes to your comfort, and the experts at InCare Health Services stand steadfastly by your side to fulfill every requirement with warmth, discretion, and dignity. Our goal is for you to be surrounded by the love of those who care for you, while we provide the necessary assistance for your relaxation.  Our caregivers offer not only physical and practical aid but also emotional support during this challenging time. Attuned to your emotions, they provide companionship when you need it most.

We acknowledge that, alongside your physical well-being, the simple act of reminiscing and sharing memories holds immense importance in your care. InCare Health Services is here to support you and your family, offering the same compassion we would in our own situations, every moment of the way. We strive to pair you with the right care team, so you can focus on absorbing the love surrounding you, while we handle the emotional and physical aspects of your care.

Benefits of Home-Based Palliative Care

At InCare Health Services, we are dedicated to providing tailored palliative care, with home-based care being our specialty. Opting for palliative care at home offers numerous advantages, the most significant being the comfort of familiar surroundings. Being cared for within the home setting
provides reassurance to the person receiving care, while family and friends gain peace of mind knowing their loved one is safe, secure, and content.

Home-based care fosters a more comfortable environment for visits compared to institutional facilities. Moreover, round-the-clock care within the home enables swift responses to any physical changes, offering invaluable support to families who are promptly informed about their loved one's condition.

Ultimately, whether care is provided at home or elsewhere, your loved one will always receive top-tier care from personally acquainted caregivers.

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