High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

Our dedicated team of Nurses, trained Support Workers, and Healthcare Professionals specialise in supporting NDIS Participants with High Intensity complex support needs. We provide outstanding care services that are customised to meet the unique requirements of individuals dealing with health challenges and disabilities.
Our registered nurses and trained support workers are highly qualified to assist individuals with intricate health needs. We are dedicated to upholding a superior level of care, offering high-risk support to those in need of intensive daily personal activities to address your healthcare requirements.
High intensity daily personal activities is the term used by the NDIS to describe the more complex supports some people need to manage their daily lives.

NDIS Complex Support

Through the NDIS, these supports are provided by specialised support works and healthcare professionals with the qualifications and experience required to safely provide high quality care. It can include supports such as:

• Complex bowel care
• Stoma care
• Enteral feeding and management
• Urinary catheter care
• Seizure management
• Diabetes management
• Epilepsy and high-risk seizures
• Complex wounds and pressure injuries
• Medication administered by subcutaneous injections.

• Complex bowel problems
• Tracheostomy care
• Stoma care
• Ventilator Care
• Swallowing and eating difficulties (tube feeding)
• Support to manage challenging behaviour
• Skills development for independent living
• Home modifications and independent living aids
• Social support programs and mental health support

InCare Health Services is a provider of tailored support for clients with High Intensity complex health care needs. We deliver exceptional care from dedicated and experienced staff, trained medical and health professionals that exceed the rigorous standards. Our health care experts have attention to detail, operating with compassion and empathy. We also recognise that complex care can be quite personal. We are passionate about treating each of our clients as individuals, valuing their choice, perspective and consent.
If you experience High Intensity complex support requirements, we are here to assist you with your high-intensity daily personal tasks. Reach out to us at 1300 795 402 to schedule an appointment for a discussion about your healthcare needs and how we can provide support for your high-intensity daily personal activities. Let’s explore how we can become a valuable part of your journey. Locate us here

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As a complex care provider, InCare Health Services’ highly qualified team provides personally tailored complex care services which attend to every need. Our local staff are dedicated and experienced, with a commitment to providing best practice care.

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