Assistance with Daily Life

InCare Health Services provides NDIS Assistance with Daily Life as an essential component within the Core Supports funding sub-category. The primary objective of this budget allocation is to provide coverage for the essential support required in your day-to-day personal activities. This enables you, as a person living with a disability, to attain a higher level of independence in both your home and community environments. For individuals living with disabilities, the provision of assistance with daily life activities plays a pivotal role in achieving these aspirations.

Given the unique needs of each person living with a disability, the nature of the daily support granted to participants varies substantially. Consequently, Assistance with Daily Life NDIS support is meticulously tailored to accommodate your distinct requirements. This personalised approach ensures that everyone receives quality care of assistance necessary to foster a more independent life. Get more details now.

What types of support are covered under Assistance with Daily Life?
NDIS Assistance with Daily Life encompasses a broad spectrum of tasks and activities that constitute our routine existence. This includes activities like rising from bed and taking showers, consuming meals, preparing for the day, and engaging with the community.

Here are a few illustrative examples that can provide you with an idea of what Assistance with Daily Life support may look like:
Assisting in preparing for the day (such as waking up, showering, dressing, etc.)
Aiding with household tasks (including dishwashing and cleaning)
Facilitating meal preparation or offsetting the expenses of meal delivery services
Assisting in navigating the community and utilising public transportation
This specific NDIS funding category is meticulously structured to extend support across all these aspects, regardless of the extent of your needs. Our dedicated support personnel can aid you in executing these tasks, offer guidance as you acquire more independence, or even undertake these tasks on your behalf if you are unable to perform them independently.


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