What is NDIS respite care?

Respite care aims to provide a well-deserved rest for both NDIS participants and their informal supporters.
By utilizing temporary lodging, individuals can enjoy a change of environment and a pause from their usual routines, while those in their informal support circle also gain some personal time. Respite care entails more than just lodging; it encompasses the assistance provided during the stay. Depending on the required level of care, your Short-Term Accommodation (STA) provider might arrange for you to share a support worker with other visitors, enhancing the value you receive.
n our role as a respite care provider, we also offer enriching group activities as part of your stay, such as sessions involving art therapy, group fitness endeavours, and day trips. Everyone deserves a respite, and within the framework of the NDIS, opportunities for short-term respite care exist to cater to the distinct requirements of various families and individuals.

What Does NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA) Service Include?

NDIS short term accommodation is a form of respite home that will allow both participants and their caregiver to spend time doing the activities that bring them joy. As a Respite care provider, we offer you a supportive environment where you can experience new things while living away from home. Here are a few things they get when you choose NDIS Short Term Accommodation (STA) services.

• One-on-one assistance: A support worker who will provide one-on-one care for a short period that suits your needs and preferences.

• Customised stay: Clients can choose shared STA to stay overnight or over the weekend where the facility-based services align with your requirements.

• Group short term accommodation: This allows individuals with disabilities to be with people of similar interests where they can enjoy participating in group activities together.

• In-house service: For a person with high support needs, they can choose to get support services in the comfort of the home based on the intensity of their disability.

• Group activities: This is aimed at capacity building such as day trips, art sessions, and group fitness activities.

How Does NDIS Fund the Short-Term Respite Accommodation?

Usually, NDIS plan will include funding for short term accommodation. Participants can consult with our expert NDIS short term accommodation team to apply for specialist disability accommodation and get additional support to suit their needs.

Who Gets to Choose Short Term Respite Accommodation?

Short term accommodation should not be intended for holidays. It should genuinely serve a purpose and the support must help people with disabilities achieve some goals. Following are the examples of individuals who can receive this facility:

•The participant with high support needs and whose carer needs a break
•An Individual who wants to get away from their usual social network and build independence
•The clients who want to actively participate in community activities and build new friendships

Benefits of Short-Term Respite Accommodation

• Round-the-clock specialised support

• Personal hygiene and care

• Medications

• Community activities

• Meet new people and build new friendships

• Enjoy the change of location

• Stepping out of your comfort zone

• Explore new things

• Time to recharge and de-stress

• Improved Independence

Not sure where to start? We’re here to help.

If you’re interested in discovering how InCare Health Services can cater to your requirements, a quick phone call today might be the first step towards exceptional respite care. Our approachable team member will walk you through the process of creating an optimal care plan. Feel free to contact us at 1300 795 402. We are committed to guiding you toward a future of prioritised care, offering the assistance you truly merit.

The InCare Health Services philosophy

Where you live should reflect you – including your unique needs, interests and personality. We ensure all of our assisted boarding homes are tailored for the individual, so you feel like you are truly at home, in a caring environment.
We also provide flexible and person-centred care that is empathetic, respectful, of a high standard and based on your individual needs. We are responsive to all feedback, and take the time to get to know you, so our services are a good match.
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