Mental Health Support with InCare Health

InCare Health offers a comprehensive suite of services under the NDIS to support individuals with mental health conditions. The focus is on fostering recovery through personalized care plans that are informed by research and best practices in mental health care. The goal is to enhance the participants’ ability to live independently and engage in their communities.

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    NDIS Services We Offer You:

    • Support Coordination: Assisting participants in understanding and utilizing their NDIS plans to achieve their goals.
    • Therapeutic Supports: Providing access to mental health professionals for therapy and counseling.
    • Community Participation: Encouraging and facilitating involvement in community activities and events.
    • Workplace Assistance: Support for gaining and retaining employment, considering individual mental health needs.
    • Capacity Building: Focusing on developing skills and resilience for increased independence.
    • 24/7 Support: Offering round-the-clock care for those with significant needs

    These services are designed to empower individuals with mental health conditions, providing them with the tools and support necessary to lead fulfilling

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